2024 Registration Page

After submitting your registration check your inbox for confirmation. If you do not see response in your inbox, please check your spam folder, it may be there.

If you do not have a confirmation email in your inbox, or spam folder, then we may not have received it. Send us an direct message to check if this happens. ITS £20 TO ENTER AND ITS NON REFUNDABLE. Its 10 pounds for the extra class .

2024 Registration Page

To compete in the A1 classic show you must have a valid ibfa membership card . This can be done on the day of the show too.

For your music please make sure its sent to my dj , please at least 4 weeks before the show as he is very busy and has to get it in order .

Please send your music to john paul contact Bbsdjs@outlook.com and put ya name, catagory its a 60 seconds long .

Remember if you want tanning by me and my team at the show please put your name down with me either by texing me or fb message under nicola gilbert . You can go to my website too www.A1tanning.co.uk to book in as well .

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Do your require a spray tan by us , A1 Tanning

For photos and hair and make up go to the menu and look up the page for those. Wanting the best tan then look up the tanning page and read all bout the process.